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"National Anthem Girl" Made History by Completing "Star Spangled Banner" Tour in All 50 States

 Janine Stange Marked Tennessee as 50th State with Performance for NFL's Titans Game
 Invited to Perform at Ft. McHenry Celebration

Janine Stange, who has come to be known as "The National Anthem Girl," made history by completing her mission to sing the "Star Spangled Banner" in all 50 states in time for the 200th anniversary of Francis Scott Key penning the lyrics for the hallowed song on September 14, 2014. 


The Long Island, NY native marked Tennessee as her 50th state, when she sang prior to the Tennessee Titans vs. Minnesota Vikings NFL preseason game in Nashville on August 28 at 7:00pm CST.


She has appeared on Today Show, Fox & Friends and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Her story has been told across America on every major network: ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC.

At each stop, Janine sets up a table after she performs and provides blank "thank you" cards for attendees to write messages to our deployed military and veterans. Each card goes into an Operation Gratitude military care package.


Stange also was amidst the major celebrations  in Baltimore - the city the prides itself in being our anthem's birthplace - during the weekend that marked the song's 200th Anniverary:


On the 13th she was invited to sing for the Baltimore Orioles vs New York Yankees Game in the afternoon, and later that evening she openend the Star Spangled Spectacular PBS concert featuring: Melissa Etheridge, Denyce Graves-Montgomery, Little Big Town, Smokey Robinson, Kenny Rogers, Kristin Chenoweth, Jordin Sparks, Pentatonix, Paulo Szot, Train, The Navy Band Sea Chanters and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Marin Alsop. John Lithgow was host.


On September 14th - the anthem's 200th Anniverary, she was scheduled for one performance at Fort McHenry - but ended up singing the anthem a total of six times that day.  Four on land: at Fort McHenry, one of which was at the Fort's Flag pole and two at sea: courtesy of the US Coast Guard who caught wind of Janine's mission, invited her aboard Cutter Ibis, and took her to the "Star Spangled Buoy" which marks where Key saw that 'our flag was still there'. Her last anthem of that bicentennial day was aboard Cutter Eagle.

"I love the Star Spangled Banner, and the brave men and women who embody its meaning," said Janine. "I believe gratitude is the core of patriotism. Giving others the opportunity to personally thank those who keep us free to sing our nation's anthem is an honor. Seeing parents explain what the word 'patriotism' or 'veteran' means to their children as they write out a thank you note together is priceless."
Janine has been performing the Star Spangled Banner since high school. As she continued to sing, she recounts getting to meet real American heroes, and says, "I began to feel it was the thing I had to do." She 'officially' began her journey to all 50 states on July 3, 2012 at the Tampa Yankees vs Dunedin Blue Jays MiLB game. Since then, audiences big and small have witnessed her journey including: Arlington Cemetery, NY Knicks, Cincinnati Reds, Brooklyn Nets, NHMS Sprint Cup NASCAR Race, Pro Bull Riders, LA Kings, UCLA, Southern Mississippi, Xavier University, multiple war memorials and many more.
 "For 90 seconds, no matter who we voted for, or what team we want to win - we are as one. When we stand with our hands over our hearts, we are singing 'our song.' That is always to be regarded as a privilege, not a formality. I hope this mission brings a renewed awareness, honor and respect for those who have fought and sacrificed their time, well being, families...and lives for our freedom."
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Thoughts about our National Anthem from Janine:

Just like many young girls aspiring to become singers, I always performed the National Anthem for my high school and college sporting events - it was the thing to do.  As I continued to sing and had opportunities to meet real American heroes, I began to feel it was the thing I had to do.  Those of us who haven't served in the Armed Forces  can only imagine what a soldier goes through.  I count it a honor to sing this song, it never gets old or 'routine' to me. I can only hope that everyone who is within the sound of my voice is brought the same point of honor and respect for those who have fought and sacrificed their time, well being, families...and lives for our freedom.

I pray we never forget the privilege it is that we can sing the National Anthem. I wrote this poem below while getting ready to travel for a National Anthem performance.  It sums up how I feel about this song...our song...Our National Anthem.


"Our National Anthem"

It is an undeniably patriotic moment
That spans ninety seconds of time
When differences dissolve and agendas align

​When we honor the bravery, the sacrifice and the hope
May we never forget the spirit, the struggles ...or a soul

​When we remember our heritage, our strength and our love
May we never forget - we are the United States of America​

​As we stand - covering our hearts with our hands
All our voices unite as one - and sing

Our National Anthem

Live the moment. Create a movement.

written by: Janine Stange. "The National Anthem Girl" tm
copyright 2012